Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water

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Catch Power

This clever, Australian designed and owned product ensures you squeeze the most out of your investment in solar panels. In short,  by installing Catch Power inside your meter box you take control of the electricity your solar is creating. The software takes any excess electricity that would normally be sent back out to the grid and redirects it into your hot water tank, saving you hundreds of dollars every year.

What you need to use Catch Power:

  • A 1.5kW or larger solar system
  • An electric hot water system
  • A fare chunk of your solar being exported
  • A reliable internet connection


Apricus is another Australian success story, starting as a small operation in a Sydney garage. Their distribution network now consists of 1500 suppliers, and over 150  service agents with a very strong commitment to superior customer service. Apricus own and manage their own production plant  in Nanjing, China, where founder and CEO, Michael Humphreys is based. Apricus adhere to strict product standards, labour laws, safety regulations and environmental requirements. They have Australian Standards (AS2712:2002) and the factory is also certified to ISO9001:2008 management and production standards.

Apricus use a stylish looking Evacuated Tube Solar Hot Water System which is specifically designed for the Australian climate. One example is their collectors which use of silicone rubber instead of plastics for the tube caps, rubber header seals and manifold covers. Silicone rubber is extremely durable, staying flexible in a wide temperature range while plastic (used by many others on the market) crack  or degrade over time. The evacuated tube solar tube system convert energy from the sun using a vacuum between two glass layers which works similar to a thermos flask allowing it to retain up to 95% of the solar energy they capture!

This means in colder climates, and during the winter months, heat is retained and not lost into the atmosphere. The collectors are rated to handle frost and down to -15°C temperatures without the use of glycol which dramatically reduces maintenance of the system.

The Apricus evacuated tube and heat pipe are assembled in a patented format that is different to any other product on the market.

Rather than a centrally located heat pipe with heat transfer fins radiating out to the glass wall, the heat pipe is positioned directly against the glass wall, where the sun strikes. The aluminum heat transfer fin is tightly held against the top inner wall of the evacuated tube and heat pipe with a set of spring clips. This is a key design feature as over time, with exposure to high temperature, the aluminum will soften.

The spring clips guarantee long term tight contact with the glass wall and heat pipe, which is essential for optimal performance.

The team at Solar Mad has seen a lot of different solar hot water systems over the years and we believe Apricus is head and shoulders above the rest.