Greg Bodger – West Griffith

Greg Bodger Home 2

Bill shock spurs local family into action

When Greg Bodger received his third consecutive record electricity bill he knew he had to act.

“I simply couldn’t be sure how big the next electricity bill would be,” he explains. “It was lottery every time I opened the mail … and then I thought like I’d need to win the lottery to pay the massive bill!”

“They were up to $1000 a quarter for our home which is a pretty standard family home,” says Greg.

Greg had seen solar in action during his time working with Telstra in the late 90’s. In his job as an IT technician he’d travelled to several remote sub-stations and noticed they were running very effectively off a dedicated solar power supply.

“It was comforting to know that a company as big as Telstra has invested heavily in solar,” he said.

“I was talking about it with a mate of mine who is an electrician and he convinced me to contact Solar Mad to get a price.”

“The guys at Solar Mad were very open about the costs versus the benefits. It was refreshing to get such straight advice.”

“I installed a 5 kilowatt system in early 2013 and the impact on the electricity bill was immediate and obvious”.

“Coincidentally our conventional hot water system blew up in mid 2014 and I didn’t hesitate to invest in a solar hot water system which has complimented the savings generate by the 3 kilowatt system.”

“I can’t speak more highly about the positive impact solar has had on our home, nor can I speak more highly about the experience I’ve had with the people at Solar Mad.”